African country

African country
any one of the countries occupying the African continent
Syn: ↑African nation
Hypernyms: ↑country, ↑state, ↑land
Instance Hyponyms:
Namibia, ↑Republic of Namibia, ↑South West Africa, ↑Algeria, ↑Algerie, ↑Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, ↑Angola, ↑Republic of Angola, ↑Burundi, ↑Republic of Burundi, ↑Cameroon, ↑Republic of Cameroon, ↑Cameroun, ↑Central African Republic, ↑Central Africa, ↑Chad, ↑Republic of Chad, ↑Tchad, ↑Congo, ↑Republic of the Congo, ↑French Congo, ↑Democratic Republic of the Congo, ↑Zaire, ↑Belgian Congo, ↑Ivory Coast, ↑Cote d'Ivoire, ↑Republic of Cote d'Ivoire, ↑Benin, ↑Republic of Benin, ↑Dahomey, ↑Togo, ↑Togolese Republic, ↑Djibouti, ↑Republic of Djibouti, ↑Afars and Issas, ↑Equatorial Guinea, ↑Republic of Equatorial Guinea, ↑Spanish Guinea, ↑Eritrea, ↑State of Eritrea, ↑Ethiopia, ↑Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, ↑Yaltopya, ↑Abyssinia, ↑Rwanda, ↑Rwandese Republic, ↑Ruanda, ↑Botswana, ↑Republic of Botswana, ↑Egypt, ↑Arab Republic of Egypt, ↑United Arab Republic, ↑Kenya, ↑Republic of Kenya, ↑Gabon, ↑Gabonese Republic, ↑Gabun, ↑Gambia, ↑The Gambia, ↑Republic of The Gambia, ↑Ghana, ↑Republic of Ghana, ↑Gold Coast, ↑Guinea, ↑Republic of Guinea, ↑French Guinea, ↑Guinea-Bissau, ↑Republic of Guinea-Bissau, ↑Guine-Bissau, ↑Portuguese Guinea, ↑Lesotho, ↑Kingdom of Lesotho, ↑Basutoland, ↑Liberia, ↑Republic of Liberia, ↑Libya, ↑Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, ↑Madagascar, ↑Republic of Madagascar, ↑Malagasy Republic, ↑Malawi, ↑Republic of Malawi, ↑Nyasaland, ↑Mali, ↑Republic of Mali, ↑French Sudan, ↑Mauritania, ↑Islamic Republic of Mauritania, ↑Mauritanie, ↑Muritaniya, ↑Morocco, ↑Kingdom of Morocco, ↑Maroc, ↑Marruecos, ↑Al-Magrib, ↑Mozambique, ↑Republic of Mozambique, ↑Mocambique, ↑Niger, ↑Republic of Niger, ↑Nigeria, ↑Federal Republic of Nigeria, ↑Senegal, ↑Republic of Senegal, ↑Sierra Leone, ↑Republic of Sierra Leone, ↑Somalia, ↑South Africa, ↑Republic of South Africa, ↑Sudan, ↑Republic of the Sudan, ↑Soudan, ↑Swaziland, ↑Kingdom of Swaziland, ↑Tanzania, ↑United Republic of Tanzania, ↑Tunisia, ↑Republic of Tunisia, ↑Uganda, ↑Republic of Uganda, ↑Zambia, ↑Republic of Zambia, ↑Northern Rhodesia, ↑Zimbabwe, ↑Republic of Zimbabwe, ↑Rhodesia, ↑Southern Rhodesia
Part Holonyms: ↑Africa

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